HOPE Program

hope-logo-RightThe HIV Office for Psychology Education (HOPE) Program was a national mental health training initiative administered by the APA Office on AIDS, funded from 1991 –2014 by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Center for Mental Health Services under five contracts. The program endeavored to enhance psychologists’ ability to competently and compassionately respond to people infected and affected by HIV.

Utilizing a train-the-trainer model, the HOPE Program educated psychologist, psychology students and allied health providers about working with people living with or affected by HIV. The program developed state-of-the-science training materials to support its volunteer trainer cadre. The program trained and certified more than 600 HOPE Program volunteer trainers to deliver interactive workshops for mental health providers. These trainers have in turn provided HOPE curricula training in their communities to more than 36,500 mental health professionals between 1991 and 2014.

HOPE Program volunteer trainers utilized resources found in the HOPE Program Training Resource Package to develop training workshops.

The Training Resource Package

The Training Resource Package includes nine topical modular components. Each module is flexible and intended be integrated with other topics so that HOPE trainers are able to provide a training experience that is responsive to the needs of an individual site, group, conference or academic institution. The nine modules include:

  1. HIV Virology, Clinical Course, Medical Treatment, Epidemiology and HIV Testing.
  2. Integrating Primary and Behavioral Health into HIV/AIDS Care.
  3. Mental Health Assessment Issues and Strategies for the HIV-infected Population.
  4. Mental Health Intervention Strategies for the HIV/AIDS Population.
  5. Prevention Issues HIV/AIDS for Mental Health Providers.
  6. HIV/AIDS and Families.
  7. Work in the Lives of HIV-infected Individuals: Roles for Psychologists.
  8. Drug Use, Abuse and HIV/AIDS.
  9. HIV/AIDS and the Transgender Population.
View the HOPE Program Training Resource Package Modules.