HIV/AIDS Resources for Educators

  • Why is it Important to Educate Psychology Graduates Students about HIV?
    HIV/AIDS is an infectious, chronic disease. Preventing transmission of HIV involves complex behavior management therapy. Dealing with issues associated with being infected, such as disclosure of status to family and loved ones, dealing with stigma, and managing an intense medication regimen necessitates therapy. It is imperative to train psychologists to effectively work with HIV infected clients to provide improve quality of life.

  • Strategies for Including HIV/AIDS in Graduate Coursework
    Provides psychology faculty strategies for incorporating HIV/AIDS materials in to psychology graduate courses, seminars, or training experiences.

  • Teaching Tip Sheets for HIV Related Issues
    These tip sheets provide psychology faculty with relevant information on specific topics that are important in psychology. Each tip sheet names the topic, briefly discusses its importance in teaching psychology, presents information on how HIV/AIDS research has contributed to our understanding of the topic, and offers teaching strategies.

General Resources for Educators