The BSSV program

Translating HIV prevention science into culturally relevant practice


The Behavioral and Social Science Volunteer (BSSV) Program continues to provide online training support to our volunteers to further equip them to provide capacity-building assistance (CBA) to community-based organizations (CBOs) across the United States and U.S. territories. During the past several months, we have been developing and delivering these core trainings as well as creating new tools and resources for use by our BSSVs, other CBA providers funded by the CDC, and, of course, our key audience — CBOs.

Profile of BSSVs

Our BSSV team is made up of 296 dynamic and professional volunteers. Together they represent a diverse professional background of behavioral and social science disciplines and education levels. The majority of our BSSVs hold a doctorate (73 percent) or master’s degree (19 percent). We currently have BSSVs in 43 states and territories, including Guam and Puerto Rico. The majority of our BSSV’s are female (68 percent).

Recent BSSV trainings

There have been five CBA-specific evidencebased intervention trainings developed and offered to BSSVs. These include Choosing Life: Empowerment, Actions, Results (CLEAR); Community Promise, Healthy Relationships; Many Men, Many Voices (3MV); and Sisters Informing Sisters on Topics About AIDS (SISTA). The intent of these trainings is to acquaint BSSVs with the overall core elements and operating principles; provide an overview of the intervention; and provide a review of adaptation issues, program monitoring and evaluation tools and resources, and the facilitation process. These trainings are available online 24/7 and can be accessed by BSSVs at their convenience.

Integration of Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and HIV Prevention

HIV-IntegratedCare-Logo-RightWe are pleased to announce that the Integration of Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and HIV Prevention resource page is now available online. It is our hope that these resources will be helpful to those seeking a comprehensive and integrated approach to care and prevention. A presentation is available to assist CBOs in exploring how to effectively integrate care into their service organization. CBOs who are interested in receiving capacity-building assistance support in this area should contact Sharon Asonganyi, CBA Coordinator, at (202) 336-6164.

Adaptation tool for Many Men Many Voices (3MV)

Many Men Many Voices (3MV)The BSSV Program recently developed an adaptation tool for Many Men Many Voices (3MV): A Collaborative Toolkit for Capacity Building Assistance Providers and Community-Based Organizations, which was submitted to the CDC for review and consideration. This tool was developed for use by BSSVs and other CBA providers in their data collection efforts as they assist CBOs in adapting the evidence-based intervention Many Men Many Voices (3MV) to reach targeted participants. The tool was designed to complement several existing tools and resources that have been developed by fellow CBA providers such as the Center for Health and Behavioral Training in Rochester, NY; the California Prevention Training Center; and the AIDS Project Los Angeles.

National HIV Prevention Conference: BSSV roundtable discussions

The BSSV Program was recently selected to present two roundtable discussions at the upcoming National HIV Prevention Conference scheduled for Aug. 14–17, 2012, in Atlanta, Ga.: “Integrating Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and HIV Prevention” and “Making LINKS: Lessons From Implementing and Navigating Key Steps From Selecting to Adapting an EBI.”

How to request CBA support

For more information or to access the services of the BSSV Program, please contact Edna Davis-Brown, BSSV Program Director, at (202) 336-6176, or Sharon Asonganyi, CBA Coordinator, at (202) 336-6164.