Psychology and AIDS Exchange Newsletter: Past Issues

  • January 2015

    This newsletter addresses HIV/AIDS in rural communities, engaging rural community partners in HIV/AIDS service delivery and research, health care needs of persons living with HIV/AIDS, adapting international HIV/AIDS interventions in rural Africa for domestic application, the nature of family-based preventive interventions for addressing HIV and Pat Kelly's journey.

  • January 2014

    This newsletter addresses HIV/AIDS in older adults, distinguished leaders in HIV/AIDS, sexual risk behavior in HIV-positive older adults, understanding the impact of stigma on older adults living with HIV disease, ART adherence in older adults living with HIV/AIDS, multi-morbidity and depression in HIV-infected older adults, and neurocognitive considerations in older ethnically-diverse HIV-seropositive adults.

  • January 2013

    This newsletter includes articles about neurocognition among older HIV-infected adults, HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders, neuropsychology of HIV in children and adolescents, HIV and psychiatric comorbidities, pharmacologic interventions for HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders, and cognitive neurorehabilitation.

  • April 2012

    Articles in this newsletter discuss discrimination among gay and bisexual men with HIV, the minority stress perspective, anti-gay stigma, biomedical and behavioral approaches to optimize HIV prevention, the BSSV program, and cyber mentors.

  • April 2011

    Articles featured include: heterosexually active men in HIV prevention theory, research and interventions, targeting heterosexual men in HIV prevention interventions, the truth about the “down low”, spotlight on Straight Up!, Committee On Psychology and AIDS (COPA), Ad Hoc Committee on Psychology and AIDS, AIDS programs at APA and more.

  • August 2007[PDF]

    In this issue: technology and prevention, Internet-based partner notification, online surveillance, chat rooms and cybersex.

  • April 2006[PDF]

    How inequality and HIV play a role in housing, the interrelationship between poverty and HIV/AIDS, the Behavioral and Social Science Volunteer Program update, and the HOPE Program update.

  • January 2004[PDF]

    In this issue: international and overseas experience, behavioral science in Africa and Thailand, and HOPE program update.

  • January 2002[PDF]

    The reality of adherence to HIV treatment in the 21st century, the role of partner social support in adherence, and the impact of alcohol and drug use on HIV medication adherence.

  • January 2001[PDF]

    A brief overview of transgender identity from a historical and mental health perspective, clinical issues in work with transgender individuals, and HIV/AIDS in transgender populations.

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