About the Disability Issues in Psychology Office

The central mission of the Office on Disability Issues in Psychology is to work toward the elimination of bias against and the promotion of equal opportunity for persons with disabilities in education and training, research and professional practice. The office serves as an information and referral resource on:

  • Disability issues;

  • Development and dissemination of reports and other written materials on professional and consumer issues;

  • Monitors the welfare of these groups as consumers of psychological services; and

  • Promotes the development and application of psychological knowledge to address public policy issues affecting them.

Mission Statement

The Office on Disability Issues in Psychology seeks to raise awareness of disability issues within the Association as well as promote and expand equal opportunities of persons with disabilities in all areas of psychology. The Office serves as an important information and referral source for in-house staff, APA members and the general public, and develops materials on professional and consumer issues. The Office also promotes the development and application of psychological research to influence public policy decisions affecting people with disabilities.

Specifically, the office:

  • Gathers research and other substantive information relevant to disability issues;

  • Monitors litigation and judicial decision-making, legislation and executive initiatives;

  • Develops information and information products;

  • Provides consultation and training to in-house staff and general APA membership on issues relating to disability;

  • Serves as a contact and referral source for APA members and the general public and disseminates materials on a variety of educational, professional and consumer issues;

  • Provides technical assistance, information and referral, and consultation to external professional organizations, APA members and students, other APA offices and the public;

  • Networks and engages in collaborative efforts with APA offices and divisions, federal agencies, and other disability groups within professional organizations.