CDIP end of year wrap-up

The committee worked on the representation of disability issues (current and emerging) in all aspects of APA

In 2011, the APA Committee on Disability Issues, chaired by Julie Williams, PsyD, continued to work diligently on the representation of disability issues (current and emerging) in all aspects of APA (governance, programming, leadership, etc.). This year, the current committee developed and published Students with Disabilities Resource Guide, Volume 2, an important resource guide. CDIP also completed revision of the Handbook on Training Graduate Students with Disabilities in Psychological Testing and Assessment which is currently before BAPPI for final review. CDIP generated and put forth disability-related recommendations for CoA implementing regulations to promote access and inclusion for trainees with disabilities.

At APA, we hosted the annual conversation hour/award ceremony; this year’s award was given to Irene Leigh, PhD CDIP members developed a 2011 APA convention symposium on Promoting the Health and Wellness among Underserved Populations with Chronic Illnesses and Disability with APA’s Committee on Rural Health.

From Fall 2011 Consolidated Meeting left to right: Lawrence Pick, PhD, Melissa Anderson, Barbara Palombi, PhD, Anju Khubchandani, MA, Julie L. Williams, PsyD, Maria Dolores Cimini, PhD, Kim Gorgens, PhD, and Mara LunariaRegarding advocacy, CDIP members articulated advocacy goals, reviewed and provided feedback to Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, and participated in the PI Government Relations Office’s inaugural PsycAdvocate™ Day training.

Looking forward, CDIP members completed a literature review and outline on telehealth/ telepsychology and disability. In collaboration with the Disability Issues Office, the committee is developing the Disability diversity training for 2012 Council of Representatives meeting and 2012 Spring consolidated meetings of Committees and Boards. CDIP is providing input and feedback to the Disability Issues office’s Toolbox initiative which will be completed later this year.

CDIP goals and initiatives for 2012 include a focus on telehealth, Healthcare disparities, and Youth with Disabilities. The committee intends to highlight important disability-related opportunities/
challenges presented by emerging technologies and develop factsheets and articles on telehealth and disability for submission to APA publications. CDIP has already submitted a symposium proposal to BAPPI for APA 2012: Expanding the application of telehealth service models to underserved populations with chronic illnesses and disability (CEMA, CONA, and Division 22).

The committee will also prioritize identifying/ responding to important disability-related healthcare disparities, and intends to work with GRO (Stephanie Reeves) to promote legislative change. CDIP developed and put forth a 2012 convention submission to APA Ethics Committee: Ethical Issues unique to research, training and practice with underserved populations and put forth a submission in response to CWP’s 2012 convention topic, Women Under Siege: Violence against Young Women with Disabilities: Identifying Risk Factors, Formulating Responses, and Supporting Resilience. The committee was also invited to participate in a 2012 convention symposium developed by CRH: Disaster Preparedness: Implications for Persons with Disabilities. Finally, CDIP will focus on youth with disabilities and highlight important disability-related issues (e.g. abuse [esp. boys], bullying, education, etc.) as well as build stronger working alliance with CYF.

CDIP is proud of the initiatives and tasks accomplished over the past year and looks forward to the exciting work to be done in 2012 under the chairwomanship of Kim Gorgens, PhD.