Disability Issues in Psychology Office 2013 activities

The office's 2013 activities are highlighted.

By Anju Khubchandani, MA

The Disability Issues in Psychology Office works to eliminate bias against and promote equal opportunity for persons with disabilities in psychology education and training, research and professional practice. The office serves as an information and referral resource on disability issues; develops and disseminates reports and other written materials on professional and consumer issues; and promotes the development and application of psychological knowledge to address public policy issues concerning people with disabilities. 

The Office
  • Is working with the Student/Early Career Psychologists with Disabilities Advisory group to develop the Student Resource Guide, volume 3.  
  • Edited and redesigned and the Enhancing Your Interactions with Members with Disabilities (PDF, 734KB) brochure.
  • Runs and oversees the Disability Mentoring Program. During this report period, the Office surveyed participants regarding their experiences as mentors and mentees in the program. 
  • Worked with the Convention Office to develop information products for members with disabilities and health conditions of the disability-related services made available by the APA at its annual convention. 
  • During convention, oversaw all aspects of the Resource Room for Attendees with Disabilities and health conditions
  • Acted as a resource to staff liaisons on disability issues, and meeting the needs of members with disabilities.
Meetings attended by the Disability Issues Office Director
  • Attended the National Multicultural Summit February 2013.
  • Met with the ABA Commission on Mental and Physical Disability in her capacity as member of its advisory committee.
  • Met with the APHA section on disability issues.
  • Met with the Like Skills Center in her capacity as member of the Human Rights committee.
  • Actively participates in the Coalition for Citizens with Disabilities and presently serves on the coalition’s Rights, Health, and International task forces, and monitors disability policy and legislation that may have implications on APA policy initiatives. 
  • Attended the high-level meeting of the General Assembly on Disability and Development which was held at UN Headquarters September 2013.
Presentations given by the Disability Issues Office Director
  • 36th Annual AHEAD Conference (July 2013), “Supporting Students with Disabilities: Building Inclusive, Sustainable Postsecondary Programs.”
  • "Disability Disclosure in/and Higher Education" (October 2013), at the Newark, Del., campus. Her presentation was titled, "Conceptualizations of Disability and their Effects on Disability Disclosure.”