Association for Women in Psychology Conference

"The Personal Is Political: The Lived Experience of Disability" Conference in Columbus, Ohio, March 6-9, 2014.

By Carrie Pilarski, PhD

The theme of the 2014 AWP conference revolves around how disability interfaces with multiple identities and impacts issues that many women navigate, including reproductive rights, diversity, body image, beauty, violence, sexuality, aging and mental health. The goal is to explore the social construction of disability and understand it as a transcendent, universal and personal diversity factor that impacts women and our communities across the lifespan. Highlights include keynote presentations by Rhoda Olkin and Nancy Smith. Erin Andrews, CDIP co-chair, will be a plenary speaker on reproductive rights. The program will also include pre-conference training workshops and a full schedule of poster/paper presentations, structured discussions, symposiums and interactive workshops while also providing opportunities for entertainment and wellness initiatives. An accessibility committee is working to promote conference accessibility with guidance from the conference co-coordinator Julie Williams, and feedback from site visits by various individuals with disabilities, including CDIP member Carrie Pilarski. Please visit the Association for Women in Psychology website to learn more.