Staff Information

Andrew T. Austin-Dailey, MDiv, MS, Director

Austin-Dailey has been with MFP since October 2002. He is responsible for the overall program, including the vision and mission of MFP. Austin-Dailey works closely with our federal funding agencies and advisory committees regarding policy decisions and serves as a liaison for MFP's relationships with other organizations.

Urmi Chakrabarti, MA, Clinical Program Manger

Chakrabarti has been with the MFP since July 2012. She is responsible for the overall administration of the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Fellowship and the Recovery to Practice initiative. Chakrabarti is also in charge of developing new projects and working with the director to secure additional funding for clinically-oriented programs.  

Sharlita D. Ford, MDiv, Administrative Assistant

Ford has been with MFP since April 2009. She provides administrative support for MFP. She serves as MFP’s events coordinator and liaison to other support offices within APA. Ford is also responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the website, data on the MFP community and email lists.

Kyra D. Kissam, PhD, Research Program Manager

Kissam has been with MFP since March 2005. She develops and coordinates MFP activities related to the Psychology Summer Institute. Kissam is responsible for the development and maintenance of our databases, data collection and analyses, and evaluation reports. Kissam is also in charge of special projects such as FellowsNet and works with the director to secure additional funding for research-oriented programs.

Program Coordinator - Vacant