Frequently Asked Questions about the MFP Psychology Summer Institute

Do I have to be a Minority Fellowship Program (MFP) fellow in order to apply?

No, anyone who meets the eligibility requirements may apply, whether or not he or she was funded by a different MFP fellowship in the past.

I am a PSI fellow from a previous year. May I apply?

No, previous PSI fellows are not eligible to apply.

At what point in your education/career is it most beneficial to apply to PSI?

PSI is designed to aid participants during key transition points in their careers. If you are at such a point in your career, and if you are looking for additional guidance and training to help you navigate your transition to the next level, then PSI will benefit you.

Do I have to be an ethnic minority to apply for PSI?

No, you can apply as long as you are a U.S. citizen, permanent resident or non-citizen national. You will be considered for the fellowship if your career focuses on providing behavioral health services to ethnic minority communities.

When are selection decisions made regarding PSI?

Awards are announced in June. You can check on the status of your application by logging back into your application.

How many applicants apply and are accepted each year?

Around 60-80 applications are usually received and approximately 20 spots are available each year.

What types of changes might our PSI mentors make to our projects?

A mentor would not ask you to change the focus of your study, but the mentor could certainly provide suggestions to help sharpen it that would require some changes on your part.

How much does it cost to attend PSI?

Travel, food and lodging are covered while one is attending. Please see the application instructions for additional information (Specific Sections: Cost to Attend).

When must my dissertation proposal be completed in order to be eligible?

Your dissertation proposal must be approved prior to the submission of the application (due date May 1). If you are predoctoral, you must submit proof of acceptance with your application.