Frequently Asked Questions About the Application System

Q: How do I know which fellowship application to fill out once I have registered with the system?
A: Once you register, you will see a screen that will let you choose which application to fill out. Your options will be Predoc-MHSAS; Postdoc-MHSAS; and Terminal Masters-STAY. At that point, select the application you want to complete.

Q: Are there issues for Mac users completing the form?
A: Yes; unfortunately, even if you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, it will open the downloaded PDF form in preview unless otherwise specified. Please right (or control) click on the PDF to bring up the “open with” menu, and select Adobe Reader. Otherwise, you will be unable to send your form after completion.

Q: I downloaded the PDF form, but am unable to fill it out.
A: You need to have Adobe Reader 8 or higher installed on your computer to fill out the PDF form. If you have Apple Preview, you can open the form, but it will not allow you to fill out the various fields.

Q: I completed the PDF form but it is not submitting.
A: Make sure that the file was opened with Adobe Reader; this is not the default program to open PDFs on a Macintosh.

Q: How do I know my PDF form has uploaded?
A: You will receive an email notification from and a confirmation message when your form has been uploaded. If you do not receive an email from this address, check your spam or junk mail folders. If possible, set your email filters to allow mail with an "" domain.

Q: I accidentally uploaded my PDF form before I was finished — how can I complete my form?
A: Continue completing the form as necessary, and then upload the completed version. Contact us to explain the situation before you upload the completed version; then upload. We will now have a copy of both the incomplete and the completed form, and can discard the incomplete version.

Q: I am using an Apple/Mac and I am getting errors when I try to upload the files on the online application system.
Rename your document Filename.doc or Filename.docx or Filename.pdf (depending on what type of file it is) and then it should upload correctly. If that doesn't work, try the application on a PC.

Q: I forgot my login, password and/or security information.
Click on the “Have You Forgotten Your Password” link on the registration screen and supply your email address and security question. If you do not remember your security question, please email MFP from the email account you are using for FAST and supply the following information from your application to have your password reset:

  1. Birth date.
  2. Current address.
  3. Home telephone number, and/or
  4. Educational background (school and dates).

Q: I registered and filled out the recommender information and clicked "Send Email," but the recommender has not received the link.
Return to the recommendations section of the application and request that the email be re-sent to the recommender. Also, advise your recommenders to turn off any filters that might prevent them from getting emails from APA or auto-generated emails. 

Q: I have submitted my application, but one of my recommenders did not receive the email to complete the form. What should I do?
You can log back into your application and re-send the email to your recommender even after you have submitted your application.

Q: The system will not let me re-register; it says there is already an applicant under my email address.
 Please do not register more than once. Go to the left-hand side of the screen and log in with the email and password you used when first logging on. Contact us if you need further assistance.