Recovery Events at APA Annual Conventions

Recovery to Practice features special symposia on mental health recovery every year at the APA annual convention. Each will be summarized here, with a link to further event information.

Recovery to Practice

Summer 2014
Events include: Envisioning Services for People with Serious Mental Illness; Helping People With SMI Recover-21st-Century Attitudes, Interventions, and Tools for Psychologists; The Affordable Care Act-Implications for People With Serious Mental Illnesses; Facilitators' Training for APA's Recovery to Practice Curriculum; Continuing Education Workshop No. 156: Recent Advances in Evidence-Based Practices to Help People Recover From Serious Mental Illnesses; Integrating Recovery from Anomalous Mental States into the Education and Practice of Psychologists

Summer 2013
Events include: The Recovery to Practice Curriculum: Reframing Psychological Practice for the Emerging Health Care Environment and Re-framing Psychological Practice for Healthcare Reform: Is a Recovery-Oriented Framework the Answer?

Summer 2012
Events include: The Role of Psychologists in the Health Care Reform Environment; Perspectives on the Emerging Recovery Framework: Opportunities and Implications for Psychological Practice, Research and Policy; Overview of Recovery-Based Curriculum Modules for Training Directors and Faculty

Summer 2011
Events include: Will Psychology Be Relevant in the Era of Health Care Reform; Treating People with Serious Mental Illness; New Curriculum and Training Modules for Clinical Psychologists; SAMHSA Priorities and Future Directions; and Bringing Psychologists into the Revolution of the Recovery Model of Mental Health Care.