Monitor Articles on Diversity Issues

  • Promoting diversity
    Given that the U.S. Census Bureau estimates that ethnic minorities will make up a majority of the nation's population by 2042, that needs to change, Nezu says.
    Monitor on Psychology (December 2009)

  • Operation diversity
    In recent years, psychology has made solid progress in recruiting more minorities to psychology graduate programs and to APA's membership, partly due to the efforts of APA's Commission on Ethnic Minority Recruitment, Retention and Training in Psychology.
    Monitor on Psychology (October 2009)

  • In The Public Interest — U.S. diversity breakthroughs and challenges
    Recent events offer encouraging evidence of progress toward diversity in the United States. But other evidence points to resistance and retrenchment from this movement. APA has been a leading voice in articulating the societal merits of diversity and has made its pursuit a top priority.
    Monitor on Psychology (April 2007)