APA/NIGMS Goals and Objectives

Establish five multi-institutional Regional Centers of Excellence in recruitment, retention, and training students of color interested in biomedical research in psychology, with each center consisting of a major research university and two predominately minority institutions including a community college;

Implement at each regional center a specific methodology for strengthening linkages between the center's major research institutions and its minority-serving institutions related to minority recruitment, retention, and training ;

Provide technical assistance to the regional centers and facilitate implementation and evaluation of the centers' demonstration programs and strategies for strengthening the capacities of their psychology faculty and departments to effectively recruit, retain, and train students of color for biomedical research careers in psychology;

Increase the number of students of color interested in pursuing biomedical research careers in psychology at the project's participating institutions and improve these students' rates of retention;

Facilitate the recruitment, retention, and training of the nation's future minority biomedical researchers by disseminating the project's findings, procedures, and demonstration models to all of the nation's academic departments of psychology and to other appropriate scientific/professional associations and societies; and

Document and evaluate the impact of the proposed systemic approach.