Handbook for Increasing Ethnic Minority Participation in State Psychological Associations and APA Divisions


Office of Ethnic Minority Affairs
750 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002-4242


Effective strategies for recruiting and involving psychologists of color in the affairs of state psychological associations (SPA) and divisions of APA, should be a part of each organization's goals and objectives. But, we recognize that the identification of the specific activities to accomplish this goal is probably best left to the leadership of each SPA and APA division.

The purpose of this Handbook is to encourage the creativity and goodwill that must accompany any effort to increase ethnic minority representation and participation. The following points are made as a prelude to further action and reflection by all APA affiliated groups. It is beyond the ambition or initiative of the authors to suggest that these recommendations are the only ways to achieve increased representation and participation of the psychologist of color in SPA's and division's affairs. SPAs and Divisions are encouraged to find the solution that fits their needs and resources.

Three types of action proposals are used in organizing this brochure:

  1. First, ethnic minority membership should be identified;

  2. Secondly communications mechanisms should be established; and

  3. Thirdly the organizational structure of SPAs and APA divisions may need to be amended in order to facilitate the participation and representation of the psychologists of color.

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