Publications from the Council of National Psychology Associations for the Advancement of Ethnic Minority Interests


  • Psychological Treatment of Ethnic Minority Populations (PDF, 609KB)
    Developed in response to critical concern about the appropriateness of theory and practice of much psychological treatment of ethnic minority populations, this brochure seeks to empower ethnic minority consumers and inform researchers, trainers, providers and funders of psychological services.

  • Guidelines for Research in Ethnic Minority Communities (PDF, 200KB)
    Developed to empower communities of color and to inform not only the nation's social and behavioral researchers, but also major public and private funders of community research and public policy analysts and advocates.

  • Psychology Education and Training From Culture Specific and Multiracial Perspectives (PDF, 2.4MB)
    This booklet illustrates the importance of infusing ethnic/culture-specific perspectives into psychology education by describing the social-historical contexts of major contemporary psychological challenges and strengths of ethnic minority and biracial populations. Related implications for psychological research and practice are identified, and additional information sources are provided.