A quarterly publication of the Office of Ethnic Minority Affairs (OEMA)
August 2009


Ethnic Minority Leadership

By Jimmy Davis, PhD, and Kecia M. Thomas, PhD

Discusses the types of leadership exemplified by President Obama (e.g., servant leader, coalition builder/boundary spanner, multicultural leader) and related implications for future ethnic minority and other leaders (e.g. increased emphasis on the diversity of one's experience other than its length).

Ethnic Minority and Women Leadership: My EXPERIENCE as a White Male Soldier

By Master Sergeant Greg Jenkins

A Master Sergeant makes the case for leadership diversity by reflecting upon his more than 26 years of military service and leadership and describing his discovery of both the benefits of White male privilege and the unique competencies, contributions and burdens of ethnic minority leadership.

Leadership: Values in Action*

By Thomas A. Gordon, PhD

Contrasts transformational diversity leadership and its collaborative organization behaviors with those of more traditional top-down' leadership; Discusses the importance of values, vision.

Diversity Leadership*

By Sandra L. Shullman, PhD

Brief discussion of two major theories of leadership – the 'great man theory' and the 'leader learner.'

Corporate Leadership: Building Diversity into the Pipeline

By Claire McCarty Kilian, PhD

An overview of critical strategies for building a diverse leadership pipeline including systems and practices for holding top leadership accountable, and strategies for changing organizational cultures.

Leadership Styles of Ethnic Minority Leaders

By Innocent F. Okozi, MA, Kimberly L. Smith, MA, Le Ondra Clark, MS, and Regina M. Sherman, MS

Provides an overview of the findings of some major studies of differences in the leadership styles of persons of color and European Americans and relates these findings to the leadership experiences and styles of ethnic minority students and faculty.

We Are the Ones: Leadership in Times of Peril and Opportunity*

By Linda James Myers, PhD

Describes salient characteristics of those who view leadership as a 'call to service.' Also notes additional characteristics for ethnic minority leaders that are related to legacies of disenfranchisement and oppression, and the strength and courage needed to confront challenges and obstacles.

Too Legit to Quit: Strategies of Successful African-American Female Leaders*

By BraVada Garrett-Akinsanya, PhD, and Dolores E. Mack, PhD

Provides a brief report of two studies that examine (a) the perceived impact of race and gender on leadership functioning and (b) differences between African American women leaders in 2 different types of work settings in their self-care strategies and use of African values based leadership styles. Related "Tips" are provided.