Congratulations to members of color elected as Division/SPTA officers in 2012

The 13 new officers will serve in presidential positions, representatives to council, members-at-large and on task forces
  • The 2012 Division/State, Provincial & Territorial Affairs (SPTA) election ballots were mailed on April 16. The election closed May 31. Intelliscan has counted the ballots, the Election Committee has certified the election and all divisions and SPTAs have been contacted. The following members of color were elected:

  • Division 5 – Evaluation, Measurement & Statistics
    Division Representative to APA Council: Susana P. Urbina, PhD

  • Division 12 – Society of Clinical Psychology
    Member-at-Large: Cheryl A. Boyce, PhD

  • Division 14 – Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology
    Division Representative to APA Council: Rodney L. Lowman, PhD

  • Division 16 – School Psychology
    Division Representative to APA Council: Frank C. Worrell, PhD

  • Division 17 – Society of Counseling Psychology
    President-Elect: Sharon L. Bowman, PhD

  • Division 19 – Society for Military Psychology
    Division Representative to APA Council: Larry C. James, PhD

  • Division 29 – Psychotherapy
    Diversity Domain Representative: Beverly Greene, PhD

  • Division 35 – Society for the Psychology of Women
    Division Representative to APA Council: Martha E. Banks, PhD

  • Division 37 – Society for Child and Family Policy and Practice
    Member-at-Large Task Forces & Diversity: Anita Jones Thomas, PhD

  • Division 40 – Clinical Neuropsychology
    Member-at-Large: Monica G. Rivera Mindt, PhD

  • Division 42 – Psychologists in Independent Practice
    Member-at-Large: Michi Fu, PhD

  • Division 43 – Society for Family Psychology
    V. P. for Diversity and Public Interest: Jose Cervantes, PhD

  • Pennsylvania Psychological Association
    State Representative to APA Council: Dianne S. Salter, PhD, JD