CEMRRAT update

Task Force Meeting discusses future directions and 2012 CEMRRAT grant awardees announced

APA CEMRRAT2 — April 2012 Task Force Meeting

This year’s APA Commission on Ethnic Minority Recruitment, Retention, and Training Task Force 2 (CEMRRAT2) convened from Apr. 14-16 at APA’s main office in Washington, D.C. The members in attendance were Chairperson James E. Freeman, PhD, Beth Boyd, PhD, Frederick T. L. Leong, PhD, and Jessica Henderson Daniel, PhD. The meeting covered: Budgets/Resources for 2012, Selection of 2012 Implementation Grant Fund (IGF) projects, New Initiatives and Activities, Task Force Membership and Leadership, and Future Directions.

Future directions of the CEMRRAT2 are to implement agenda topics that address the recruitment, retention and training of psychological sciences, and grant development for scholars of color. Also, the development of a website where all CEMRRAT2 products could be archived for accessibility was also discussed.

2012 CEMRRAT Grant Awardees

The 2012 CEMRRAT Implementation Grant Fund (IGF) received 12 submissions of grant proposals from applicants throughout the nation. The program continues to be a success as the Task Force reviewed and approved eight out of the 12 grant proposals that were received, totaling a sum of $36,000.

Funding for the IGF program for 2013 will focus on providing funding support to projects and activities that seek to sustain the monitoring, participation and/or inclusion of ethnic minority in federal funding.

Grants Awarded in 2012

Category: Undergraduate/Graduate Innovations

Applicant: Maureen Allwood, PhD & Demis Glasford, PhD, John Jay College

Proposal Objectives: Funds used will seek to pilot a new mentorship and recruitment program, entitled, the Diverse Leadership in Education and Academic Pursuit (D-LEAP). The D-LEAP program will provide underrepresented students with mentorship from faculty, doctoral students and other advanced students, as well as hands-on research training, and guidance through the transition from undergraduate education to graduate school. Funds requested will support a stipend for the Diversity Mentorship Coordinator for the D-LEAP program, who will work seven hours a week for 45 weeks.

Amount Requested: $3,500.00

Amount Granted: $3,500.00

Category: Faculty Development

Applicant: Christopher AhnAllen, PhD, & Cristina Benki, M.A., Boston VA Research Institute

Proposal Objectives: Funds used will promote increased training for 175 psychology faculty and trainees in developing multicultural competence within the VA Boston Healthcare System. The grant would support a diversity and inclusion colloquium series to be offered to mental health providers on a quarterly basis over a period of three years, extension of a multicultural library, and dissemination of recorded colloquia within a national VA online learning resource.

Amount Requested: $4,958

Amount Granted: $3,000 

Applicant: Miguel E Gallardo, PsyD, Pepperdine University

Proposal Objectives: Funds used will train and increase faculty member’s cultural knowledge and awareness of cultural responsiveness. The funds will also be used to hire a multicultural curriculum consultant who will work with faculty through a series of workshops addressing these issues.

Amount Requested: $8,000

Amount Granted: $3,000

Applicant: Barbara Jandasek, PhD & Daphne Koinis, Rhode Island Hospital

Proposal Objectives: Funds used will seek to enhance the level of cultural competence of the Brown University Clinical Psychology Training Consortium faculty. Training components of mentorship, consultation and training will focus on how to provide professional development support and guidance using a multicultural perspective.

Amount Requested: $5,323

Amount Granted: $4,000

Applicant: David Arnold, PhD, David Scherer, PhD, Karin Garber, M.A., Hilary Paul Halpern & Claudia Lugo-Candelas, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Proposal Objectives: Funds used will further develop multicultural competence among faculty in research, teaching and clinical realms in the psychology department by implementing a speaker series which will serve as a training module for faculty.

Amount Requested: $3,775

Amount Granted: $4,000

Category: Racial/Ethnic Minority Health Disparities

Applicant: Debra Kawahara, PhD, Julii Green M.S., Michael Mobley, PhD, & Robert Nutt, PhD, Alliant International University

Proposal Objectives: Funds used will be for presentations from an esteemed group of ethnic and sexual minority scholars whose research focuses on health disparities that will be addressed during the 2013 NMCS. Presentations will highlight their innovative research within historically marginalized communities in majority culture institutions and provide strategies for accessing grants for health disparities research.

Amount Requested: $10,000

Amount Granted: $3,000

Applicant: Joseph LaBrie, PhD & Cheryl Grills, PhD, Loyola Marymount University

Proposal Objectives: Funds used support the 18th Annual Black Graduate Student Conference in Psychology to be held at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, July 13-16, 2012. The BGSCP augments opportunities for African-American students for mentoring, collaboration and professional development in order to improve their retention in the field of psychology.

Amount Requested: $7,000

Amount Granted: $4,000 

Applicant: Orlando L. Taylor & Cynthia Winston, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Proposal Objectives: Funds used support the development and implementation of a Preparing Future Psychology Faculty program (PF) 2 to prepare minority psychology doctoral students and early career faculty for successful professorial careers. The primary audience for (PF) 2 will be a cohort of 20 participants from amongst minority advanced doctoral students and early career faculty at TCSPP.

Amount Requested: $4,000

Amount Granted: $4,000