2012 Suinn Award winner

APA Minority Fellowship Program wins award for demonstrated excellence in the training of ethnic minority students

On Aug. 2, 2012, the Commission on Ethnic Minority Recruitment, Retention, and Training in Psychology Task Force (CEMRRAT2) will present its Suinn Minority Achievement Award. Named for Richard M. Suinn, PhD, past APA president, the award is given to departments of psychology who have demonstrated excellence in the recruitment, retention and graduation of ethnic minority students.

This year’s winner is the APA Minority Fellowship Program (MFP). MFP is an innovative, comprehensive and coordinated training and career development program that promotes psychological and behavioral outcomes of ethnic minority communities. Directed by Andrew Austin Daily, MDiv, MS, MFP’s primary aim is to provide financial support, professional development activities, and guidance to promising doctoral students and postdoctoral trainees with the goal of moving them toward high achievement in areas related to ethnic minority behavioral health research or services. MFP fellowships and programs include the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (MHSAS) Predoctoral and Postdoctoral Fellowships, and the Psychology Summer Institute (PSI).

The award will be presented during the Jeffrey S. Tanaka and Richard S. Suinn Awards Reception at 6:00-7:50 p.m. at the Peabody Orlando Hotel - Celebration Room 12 & 13 in Orlando, Fla.