APA Society for the Psychological Study of Ethnic Minority Issues (Division 45)

This year, the society has created the Governance Committee, is preparing for the National Mulitcultural Conference and Summit, and continues discussion of the division's name

Justin (Doug) McDonald, PhD
President, Division 45

Hau Oyate (“Hello Family/Tribe”)

Despite the flurry of activity and many accomplishments it’s hard to believe the APA convention is over and winter is just around the corner (well, for those of us in the North Country anyway). And what a year it’s been for our Division. Our membership is stable, our journal is profitable and enjoys a high impact and rejection rate, and our finances are very solid.

Governance Committee

One of my presidential initiatives has resulted, among other things, in the creation of a new committee. The Governance Committee is tasked with recruiting members interested in governance at all levels within APA, divisions, states, regions, etc. This committee is also responsible for coordinating these efforts with APA staff, Boards and Committees, the APA Council of Representatives, and state and regional governance entities. My initiative established a goal of increasing representation of people of color in APA governance by 15 percent by 2015 and 30 percent by 2020. Dr. Asuncion Miteria Austria has agreed to serve as our inaugural Governance Committee Chairperson.

National Multicultural Conference and Summit

As the lead division, we are also busy preparing for the National Multicultural Conference and Summit (NMCS) in Houston, TX, Jan. 17-18, 2013. The current NMCS planning coordinators, led by Debra Kawahara, PhD, are doing an excellent job and we eagerly anticipate a stimulating and enjoyable gathering. Casey McDougall, PhD has thankfully agreed to return as Division 45’s APA convention program chairperson for the 2013. We are also working with Iva GreyWolf, PhD, 2012 CEMA chairperson, in calling for another APA membership vote on the bylaws amendment that if passed would allow for seats on the APA Council of Representatives (COR) for representatives of the four national ethnic minority psychological associations. Many thanks to our COR representatives, Jessica Henderson Daniel, PhD and William D. Parham, PhD.


In terms of works-in-progress we are pursuing several initiatives, including potential investment of some of our funds, and continuing the discussions surrounding the division’s name and what implications that might have in terms of whether or not to consider a change, and if so, to what? Joseph Trimble, PhD is taking the lead on this initiative in his role as chairperson of the Past-Presidents Committee. Please feel free to submit comments/suggestion to either him or myself. We are also very interested in recruiting volunteers to take the lead in planning the third biennial Division 45 Research Conference which Dr. Robert Sellers so wonderfully ran previously at the University of Michigan. Anyone interested please contact either Luis Vazquez, PhD or me.

Goodbye and Thank You

As this will be my last report as Division 45 president, allow me to close by saying once again what an honor it’s been serving this family I love and respect so much. We got a lot done. But the credit really goes to the Executive Committee that you elected; they’ve been incredible to work with. We like to call ourselves “family” in Division 45 and that’s never been clearer in working with my Executive Committee brothers and sisters. We say goodbye to Jean Lau Chin, EdD as past-president, Priscilla Dass-Brailsford, EdD as secretary, Jeffrey Ring, PhD and Melanie M. Domenech Rodríguez PhD, as diversity and latina, members-at-large, respectively. This Executive Committee has served the division with distinction and honor so, please hug or shake their hands when you get a chance. I believe our Oyate is stronger and more viable than ever, and your next presidents, Luis A. Vazquez, PhD (2013), and William E. Cross Jr., PhD (2014) will only increase our fortunes. Have a wonderful fall and holidays. Work hard, hug your loved ones, honor your elders and ancestors and we’ll see many of you in Houston.