2013 Tomes Awards

Dr. Rachel L. Navarro, University of North Dakota, and Dr. Patricia Arredondo, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, both earned the 2013 Henry Tomes Award.

The Council of National Psychological Associations for the Advancement of Ethnic Minority Interests (CNPAAEMI) was pleased and honored to bestow its 2013 Henry Tomes Awards to two outstanding Latina/Hispanic female psychologists at a ceremony that preceded the Opening Ceremonies of the National Mulitcultural Conference and Summit in Houston, Jan. 16, 2013.

Dr. Rachel L. Navarro, University of North Dakota, earned the 2013 Henry Tomes Award for an Emerging Leader in Ethnic Minority Psychology.

Navarro has inspired many students of color to pursue careers in psychology, advocated convincingly on behalf of ethnic minority issues and concerns in organized psychology and has demonstrated uniquely stellar analytical skills and abilities in her research and scholarship benefitting ethnic minority communities and interests. Many, including CNPAAEMI, believe strongly that her efforts and contributions will have an enduring effect upon ethnic minority psychology’s future.

Dr. Patricia Arredondo, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee earned the 2013 Henry Tomes Award for Distinguished Lifetime Contributions to Ethnic Minority Psychology.

Consistent themes that repeatedly surfaced in the materials and information that CNPAAEMI reviewed during the selection process were captured best by in the nomination letter: “In a career that spans over 30 years Dr. Arredondo has proved to be one of the strongest advocates for the empowerment of ethnic minority individuals and communities, both directly in her work with ethnic minority individuals and groups and more generally through her national advocacy and championing of multicultural competency. Through her research, outreach, and leadership, she has guided and inspired a generation psychologists to examine what it means to be culturally competent to work with diverse populations. She has provided outstanding leadership, scholarship, mentorship and service to ethnic minority psychology.”

(L to R)Richard M. Lee, PhD, Milton A. Fuentes, PsyD, Rachel L. Navarro, PhD (credit: Dr. Vic Muñoz, Wells College, New York) (L to R)Patricia Arredondo, EdD, Milton A. Fuentes, PsyD, Jacque Gray, PhD (credit: Dr. Vic Muñoz, Wells College, New York)

As the executive director of the APA’s Public Interest Directorate and throughout his career, Dr. Henry Tomes was a tireless advocate and transformative change agent who championed the psychological well-being of marginalized and underrepresented communities throughout this country. To honor Tomes’ leadership and vision, CNPAAEMI created the Henry Tomes Awards to recognize individuals who (a) significantly contributed to the development and promotion of ethnic minority psychology; (b) advocated for the interests and psychological well-being of individuals across multiple ethnic minority communities; and (c) promoted unique opportunities to advance ethnic minority interests in psychological practice, science and education. The Distinguished Lifetime Award is intended to honor those whose lifetime career contributions have help to craft, mold and shape ethnic minority psychology which benefits all psychologists. The Emerging Leader Award helps us to acknowledge and recognize our developing, exceptional talent and encourage others to keep the vision of ethnic minority psychology visible and present for the growth and benefit of future generations of psychologists. As the breadth and depth of these criteria suggest, these awards are truly designed to honor outstanding emerging leaders and distinguished eminent colleagues of the highest caliber. In 2007, CNPAAEMI’s inaugural Distinguished Lifetime Contributions award was presented to an African-American/Black psychologist, Dr. Joseph White. In 2009, the awards – the first time that both awards were given — were presented to two American Indian psychologists, Dr. Joseph Trimble and Dr. Joseph Gone. In 2011, two Asian-American psychologists were honored, Dr. Richard M. Suinn and Dr. Lawrence Yang. CNPAAEMI was honored this year to bestow these awards to two remarkable Latina(o)/Hispanic-American psychologists.

The awards in 2015 will be given to two African-American/Black psychologists. So, please be looking for the call for nominations in 2014.