Ethnicity and Health in America Series

Ethnicity and Health in America Series

The Office of Ethnic Minority Affairs’ (OEMA) Ethnicity and Health in America Series is designed to raise public awareness concerning the varied health concerns of America’s people of color, while highlighting the impact of psychology and psychological factors on these health concerns. OEMA will focus on substance abuse and addiction as relevant to the ethnic group honored during four key heritage months in 2014:

  • Black History Month in February.

  • Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in May.

  • National Hispanic-Latino Heritage Month in September.

  • National American Indian Heritage Month in November.

In addition to facts, statistics and resources posted on the web, OEMA will also host a variety of activities to educate the public regarding the significance of psychology to health. Through these efforts, OEMA hopes to support and encourage psychologists to take a leading role in combating these burgeoning disparities.

Honoring National American Indian/Alaskan Native Heritage Month

This November, we are featuring the work of Nancy Whitesell, PhD, whose substantive expertise and research interests center around child and adolescent development in American Indian communities. Her adolescent work focuses on the prevention of early substance use and related problems (e.g., sexual risk).