Glorisa J. Canino, PhD

oema-featured-caninoCanino is a professor at the School of Medicine, department of pediatrics, and the director of the Behavioral Sciences Research Institute, University of Puerto Rico, School of Medicine. She holds a Masters' degree from the University of Puerto Rico and a Doctorate degree in psychology from Temple University. Canino has over 28 years in academia and research oriented to understanding and improving the health of Latino populations in the island of Puerto Rico. As a professor and researcher, she has been the principal investigator and or co-investigator of several grants funded from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Presently, Canino is the principal investigator of two grants and co-investigator of three other grants funded by NIH. In addition, she is an ad hoc reviewer of several high impact peer review journals and a member of the DSM V workgroup of child disruptive behavior disorders. Throughout her career, she has collaborated in various research projects and published with national and international investigators. Her published works are related to the field of adult and child psychiatric and genetic epidemiology, psychometrics, health services research, prevention and outcome research of pediatric asthma, as well as Latino health disparities.

In 2006, the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health services appointed Canino to serve as a member of the National Advisory Mental Health Council at the National Institutes of Health. In addition, she has been the recipient of many prestigious honors and awards, including the Rema Lapouse Award from the American Public Health Association; President's Award as Distinguished Investigator from the University of Puerto Rico, and the National Award of Excellence in Research, from the National Hispanic Science Network.