Featured Psychologist: Howard Hale Long, PhD

Howard Hale Long, PhDHoward Hale Long, PhD, was born in 1888 in New Ferry, Va. In 1915, he earned his bachelor of science in education from Howard University. A year later, Long completed his master's degree in experimental psychology from Clark University. In 1933, he became the first Howard University graduate to obtain a doctorate degree in educational psychology from Harvard.

Before Long obtained his doctorate, he first took a position at Howard University as an instructor. Shortly after taking this position, Long entered the army as an infantry first lieutenant in World War I. When he returned from the war, he became the dean at Pain College in Georgia. A few years later, he was appointed dean of the School of Education at Knoxville College. 

In 1924, Long established his career as a superintendent of public schools in Washington, D.C., where he witnessed firsthand educational inequalities and its negative outcomes on children of color. He spent over twenty years overseeing education research for District of Columbia schools. During his time, he published a series of monographs for educational psychology and maintained numerous research projects. After his retirement in 1948, Long went on to become the dean of administration at Wilberforce State College in Ohio.


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