Ethnic Minority Student Resources and Information

Explore news, information and resources for students of color in psychology: APA and OEMA programs, projects and publications; local and national conferences; and, scholarship and research opportunities.

Community College Students

  • Diversity Project 2000 and Beyond (DP2K)
    Diversity Project 2000 and Beyond (DP2kB) is a leadership and mentoring program designed for ethnic minority honor students attending community colleges. DP2kB occurs two days prior to and two days during the Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association, and offers full grants for out-of-state students and partial grants for local students admitted into the program.

  • Psi Beta
    Psi Beta® is the national honor society in psychology for community and junior colleges. It is the first two-year college honor society approved for membership in the Association of College Honor Societies, which regulates membership requirements. The mission of Psi Beta is professional development of psychology students through promotion and recognition of excellence in scholarship, leadership, research and community service.

4-Year College Students

  • APA/NIGMS Project
    The APA/NIGMS project includes 14 institutions in 5 regions of the country that comprise Regional Centers of Excellence. Each region consist of a major research university and two predominately minority serving institutions (i.e., one 4-year institution and one 2-year institution). Each institution is awarded funds to support collaboration between the three institutions, to implement activities for students of color that strengthen their capacity to pursue biomedical research careers in psychology, and to improve retention rates of these students.

  • PsiChi
    Psi Chi is the National Honor Society in Psychology, founded in 1929 for the purposes of encouraging, stimulating and maintaining excellence in scholarship, and advancing the science of psychology. Membership is open to graduate and undergraduate men and women who are making the study of psychology one of their major interests, and who meet the minimum qualifications.

  • Psi Alpha Omega
    Division 45's National Honor Society, Psi Alpha Omega, provides academic recognition for students of color and students interested in the study of ethnic and cultural issues within the discipline of psychology.

  • Undergraduate and Graduate Students Psychology Internship Program (PDF, 144KB)
    The purpose of the Psychology Internship with the Office of Ethnic Minority Affairs is to offer applied experience to enhance the knowledge of undergraduate and graduate students with a major or minor in psychology.

Graduate Students

Other Student Resources

APA Student Membership Information
Join APA as a Student Affiliate.

Student Biosketch Form

APA's Office of Ethnic Minority Affairs (OEMA) Directory of Ethnic Minority Professionals in Psychology lists psychologists of color who are members of the APA. The Biosketch Form (PDF, 860KB), is used for collecting and entering data into the Directory's database. Return the completed form to:

Office of Ethnic Minority Affairs
750 First Street, NE
Washington, D.C. 20002-4242


Complete The Student Version Online
Information provided will be entered into our database and used for: (a) generating future editions of the Directory of Ethnic Minority Professionals in Psychology; (b) conducting tailored job searches for employers; (c) identifying members to participate on APA boards, committees and task forces; (d) networking psychologists of color for policy advocacy purposes; (e) and other similar types of activities. In addition, persons on the OEMA database receive all issues of The Communiqué — OEMA's semi-annual newsletter.

Grants and Awards
This page contains information on grants and awards administered by APA and its affiliate organizations.


National Ethnic Minority Psychological Associations

Student Financial Aid

Summer Programs for High School and College Students

The Ventures Program link will direct you to colleges and universities across the country and their programs in "leadership," pre-college, liberals arts, writing, math and many other areas. The other links will direct you to science, math or engineering related possibilities.

*ALANA is an acronym for African American, Latino/a, Asian American and Native American.