Programs and Services

  • Effective Providers for Child Victims of Violence
    Through online and in-person training, this Department of Justice/Office of Justice Programs/Office of Victims of Crime (DOJ/OJP/OVC)-funded program mobilizes mental health professionals around the importance of embracing evidence-based trauma assessments and treatments and disseminates research-based knowledge and skills to increase the number of providers informed about and prepared to adopt family-oriented, culturally sensitive, evidence-based treatments for child victims of violence.

  • Adults and Children Together Against Violence/Parents Raising Safe Kids Program
    This eight-week program focuses primarily on educating parents and other adults who raise and care for young children to create early environments that protect them from violence and is based on research that indicates that effective parenting is a critical factor to prevent youth behavior problems.

  • ACT for Incarcerated Fathers
    A program involving parenting sessions for inmates being released that started as a pilot program at Allen Correctional Institution (ACI), a medium security state prison. It’s now a Reentry Approved Program with the State of Ohio, making it a core course ex-offenders are required to take before release.

  • International Day on Prevention of Child Abuse
    The Women's World Summit Foundation, an NGO coalition of women and children organizations, launched in 2001 an international coalition to call attention and mark the World Day with events and activities to mobilize and educate governments and societies to take action to prevent child abuse. APA, through the International Office, has joined the coalition and has also marked the day, November 19, as the International Day for Prevention of Child Abuse.