About the Office on Socioeconomic Status

The Office on Socioeconomic Status (SES) is responsible for directing, overseeing, facilitating and promoting psychology's contribution to the understanding of SES and the lives and well-being of the poor. As such, the office works to develop and facilitate relationships and activities to advance psychology as a major force in research, policy and advocacy related to SES.

This is accomplished through activities and programs such as:

  • Collecting, synthesizing and disseminating specific research, professional, organizational and public policy information concerning SES and its impact on public interest constituencies, including increasing awareness of issues related to SES such as class, classism and class-based bias, institutional and interpersonal forms of bias and discrimination and the psychological implications of unemployment and underemployment.

  • Promoting the scientific understanding of the roles of poverty and SES in health, education and human welfare.

  • Developing applications of psychology that take into account the effects of SES on psychological development and well-being.

  • Supporting effective advocacy for public policy addressing disparities based on SES and related issues.

The Office also works to support and manage projects of the Committee on Socioeconomic Status (CSES), serves as an information and referral source on issues related to SES; and develops and disseminates reports, pamphlets and other written materials on professional and consumer issues.