SESRCD awards nine mini-grants

SESRCD builds the capacity of cancer serving organizations to address SES-related cancer disparities

APA’s Socioeconomic Status Related Cancer Disparities Program (SESRCD) has made significant strides in achieving its motto of “National in Scope, Local in Impact” by conducting professional development workshops in several cities across the United States. As a result of participating in these capacity building workshops, cancer serving professionals were eligible to apply for SESRCD Mini-Grants to initiate or improve programs and services for underserved populations. SESRCD is pleased to announce that as of September 2010, SESRCD has awarded nine mini-grants and has plans to award more eligible applicants in the coming months.

SESRCD Professional Development Workshops

These workshops provide cancer serving professionals with concrete strategies to address cancer health disparities in their communities

In that last year, over 120 cancer serving professionals participated in SESRCD’s Professional Development Training Resource (PDTR) Workshop. This interactive, full-day workshop is designed to increase cancer serving professionals’ intentions to act on or advocate for the initiation and improvement of programs and services for socioeconomically disadvantaged populations. The workshop provides a platform for cancer serving professionals to network on a local level with other cancer serving professionals in their communities, to collectively problem solve, and determine best-practices to address health-related inequities in their local communities. At the end of the workshop, participants leave with concrete personalized action plans to reduce cancer health disparities in their local communities.

As one past participant described the SESRCD’s PDTR Workshop’s impact on their professional practice, “Knowing our barriers in the community and ways to tackle those barriers is key. This workshop took practical case studies and made us think about how to approach our communities, keeping our objectives in mind.”

Working in collaboration with state comprehensive cancer control coalitions and with SESRCD Behavioral and Social Science Volunteers (BSSVs), in the last 12 months SESRCD staff successfully conducted the five following PDTR workshops:   
Phoenix, AZ: On September 9, 2009 at the Scottsdale Healthcare Shea Conference Center, SESRCD successfully collaborated with Kendra A. Sabol, Arizona Cancer Control Program Manager, to provide the PDTR workshop to sixty-nine cancer serving professionals from around Arizona.

Chicago, IL: On June 21, 2010 at the University of Illinois at Chicago, SESRCD successfully collaborated with Karen Pendergrass, Program Manager of the Illinois Cancer Control Program, to provide the PDTR workshop to twenty cancer serving professionals in the greater Illinois area. 

Long Island, NY: On June 30, 2010 at Stony Brook University, SESRCD successfully collaborated with BSSV Lisa Benz Scott, PhD, Associate Professor in the Department of Health Care Policy and Management at Stony Brook University, to provide the PDTR workshop to seven cancer serving professionals from Long Island. Professional sponsors for this workshop were: Global Network Solutions, LLC Communications and Security, Play Fit Stay Fit, and the Stony Brook University Health Sciences Center. 

Dallas, TX: On August 4, 2010 at the University of Texas Arlington, SESRCD successfully collaborated with BSSVs Susan Wolfe, PhD, of Susan Wolfe and Associates, and Pablo Mora, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Texas-Arlington, to provide the PDTR workshop to fourteen cancer serving professionals from the greater Dallas-Arlington area.

San Diego, CA: On August 12, 2010 at the University of California San Diego, SESRCD successfully collaborated with BSSV Kathleen Canul, PhD, Director and Ombudsperson at the University of California, Los Angeles to provide the PDTR workshop to thirteen cancer serving professionals from Southern California.

SESRCD Mini-Grants

These grants provide cancer serving organizations with funding for programs and services for underserved communities

Participation in a PDTR workshop enables cancer serving professionals the opportunity to apply for an SESRCD Mini-Grant for up to $5,000. As of September 2010, nine cancer-serving community-based organizations were approved to receive mini-grant funding to support individual or collaborative activities targeting cancer prevention, early detection and/or survivorship in underserved populations.

SESRCD’s is pleased to announce that its mini-grant awards are expanding the capacity of organizations nationwide to address the unequal burden of cancer among underserved communities. Some of the activities funded through this cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention include:

  • Training parish nurse volunteers in the African-American community to educate church members about breast cancer and connect those in need with appropriate services

  • Training volunteers to disseminate information about education, support groups, peer support, financial aid and school re-entry support resources for leukemia and lymphoma patients

  • Developing and disseminating electronic stories focused on cancer education and outlining the personal impact of cancer on members of Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander communities

  • Promoting the activities of cancer serving organizations and dispelling negative and mis-information about cancer and chronic disease through a weekly radio show