Information regarding the new members of CSES, the new OSES team members, and a call for guest editors to summer issue of the SES Indicator.

Meet the New Members of CSES

OSES is pleased to welcome the newest members of CSES: Irene López. PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Kenyon College; and Martha E. Wadsworth, Ph.D of the University of Denver Department of Psychology. They will join the current committee members Heather Bullock, PhD (Chair); Matt Diemer, PhD; Sandra Graham, PhD; and Rashmita Mistry, PhD for a term extending from January 2009 until December 2011.

The Committee will identify and act as a catalyst in the Association’s efforts to address issues of SES and promote appropriate attention to SES in psychological research and practice. In this regard, the Committee shall: (a) collect information and documentation concerning SES; (b) promote scientific understanding of the roles of poverty and SES in health, education, and human welfare; (c) develop approaches to the application of psychology that take into account the effects of SES on psychological development and well being; and (d) advocate for social policy that will alleviate or reduce the disparities between SES groups.

Meet the New OSES Team Members

OSES is happy to announce that Helena Dagadu, MPH has transitioned from OSES Program Coordinator to the new SESRCD Program Manager. Congratulations!

Furthermore, OSES is happy to announce the addition of Rebecca Johnson who will serve as Administrative Coordinator of SESRCD. Prior to joining us, Ms. Johnson worked with the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS), a grief support organization for military families who have lost loved ones. Having studied health injustices in college and seen firsthand the varied international responses to public health challenges, Ms. Johnson is interested in working to diminish the effects that socioeconomic status has on people's health here in the United States. In her spare time, Ms. Johnson enjoys going to cultural events, reading, and exploring new places. She received her Bachelor's of Art (BA) in Socio-cultural Anthropology from the University of California Santa Barbara. We are thrilled to have her on a board as part of the team!

Call for Guest Editors to Summer issue of The SES Indicator

The SES Indicator invites individuals who are interested in serving as Guest Editor to contact the newsletter’s Managing Editor. With assistance from the Managing Editor and the support of the Committee on Socioeconomic Status (CSES), the Guest Editor determines the theme of upcoming issues of The SES Indicator. The Guest Editor will be selected from among a list of respondents who express an interest and a willingness to serve.

Interested candidates should contact Keyona King-Tsikata by e-mail.