April 2009 |Vol. 2, No. 1


The Academic Divide

By Jason J. Zodda

What is causing the divide in admissions and keeping low and middle-class students out of college?

Socioeconomic Status and Higher Education Adjustment

By LaNiña Mompremier, MA

SES and familial stress may work against adjustment to higher education.

Is Post-Secondary Education on a Level Playing Field?

By Kristin N. Williams-Washington, MA

Socioeconomic Status and Adjustment to College

By Autumn L. Backhaus, MS

Examining how low SES students are experiencing and adjusting to college as compared to students from higher SES backgrounds.

Sniffles, Sacrifices, and Socioeconomic Status

By Connie L. Blizzard, PsyD

For many students, higher education requires significant sacrifices that both the faculty and more privileged students may not recognize or understand.


  • Message from the Guest Editor
    These articles were selected for the Indicator because they all address the topic of SES in higher education from varying perspectives and focus on different problems.
    By Bettina Spencer
  • News
    Information regarding SES at the 2008 APA Convention in Boston, World Poverty Day 2008, CDC Cancer Grant, and the White House Task Force on Middle-Class Working Families.
  • SES Policy Corner
    As we start the 111th Congress, it’s a perfect opportunity to reflect on our successes and create a plan of legislative action.
    By Krysta Jones
  • Announcements
    Information regarding the new members of CSES, the new OSES team members, and a call for guest editors to summer issue of the SES Indicator.
  • Looking Ahead in SES
    Information regarding 2009 APA Convention Program Planning, Convention 2009 Community Engagement Initiative, 2009 APA Presidential Task Force on Psychology’s Contribution to End Homelessness, and SES Measurement.