2009 APA Convention Programming & Activities

Psychology’s contribution to addressing socioeconomic disparities in health, well-being, and human development continues to gain recognition within and outside of APA.

SES Convention Program Highlights

OSES has combed through the entire Convention Program book, selected SES-specific sessions and events, and compiled a mini-booklet to guide members interested in SES-related programming.

Psychology-Community Engagement: Partnering for Social Change

You are invited to participate in Psychology-Community Engagement: Partnering for Social Change, a community engagement initiative designed to highlight the theory and practice of partnerships between psychologists and diverse and economically challenged communities.

Healthcare Career Opportunities: Treating Rural and Other Underserved Populations (CSES Co-sponsored Symposia)

The purpose of this symposium is to outline expanding career opportunities in the health care system and meet the needs of diverse rural populations.

Innovations in Reducing Incarceration and Recidivism: Working with Diverse Groups (CSES Co-sponsored Symposia)

This program is focused on the research that is relevant to prevention of incarceration, effective treatment, and programs that have been successful in the psychological adjustment following incarceration.

Annual SES Network Meeting & CSES Awards Presentations

This once a year meeting provides an opportunity to meet with SES Committee members and colleagues—representatives of various divisions, state associations, and other groups—to share ideas, raise questions, and identify activities and critical issues related to socioeconomic status.

Psychology’s Contribution to End Homelessness (Presidential Program)

The 2009 Presidential Task Force on Psychology’s Contribution to End Homelessness is charged with addressing psychological factors that contribute to adults and children becoming homeless and the psychological factors and interventions that help them overcome these problems and resume productive lives.

PI Booth

Visit the Public Interest Booth during Convention located in the Metro Toronto Convention Centre for SES publications and resources.


  • Message from the Director
    The Office and Committee on SES remains committed to identifying and acting as a catalyst within APA’s efforts to address issues of SES, and to promote appropriate attention to SES in psychological research and practice.
    By Keyona King-Tsikata, MPH
  • SES Announcements
    Information regarding CSES Leadership Awards Recipients, call for nominations to serve on 2010 CSES, and how to join the SES Network and Listserv®.
  • SES Policy Corner
    The economic downturn facing our nation brings our attention to one of our most vulnerable groups of citizens, those reentering their communities from jails and prisons with a history of behavioral illness and homelessness.
    By Krysta Jones
  • Looking Ahead in SES: Guest Editor for Fall issue of The SES Indicator
    The SES Indicator invites individuals who are interested in serving as the Guest Editor for the Fall issue to contact the newsletter’s Managing Editor Toni Alvano.