SES Announcements

Information regarding CSES Leadership Awards Recipients, call for nominations to serve on 2010 CSES, and how to join the SES Network and Listserv®.

CSES Leadership Awards Recipients

Each year during the APA Convention, the Committee on Socioeconomic Status (CSES) will recognize the outstanding achievements of emerging and distinguished psychologists and friends of psychology who have made significant contributions to the understanding of socioeconomic status and the lives and wellbeing of low-income groups. This year marks the second presentation of the CSES Leadership Awards in Toronto, Canada. CSES is pleased to recognize the following recipients of 2009 CSES Leadership Awards:

  • Susan Saegert, PhD,

  • Hirokazu Yoshikawa, PhD, and

  • Rick Tobias, DD of Yonge Street Mission. 

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The SES Network and Liststerv® is growing! The SES Network & Listserv® provides a platform to share information and ideas; raise questions; and identify critical problems and issues related to socioeconomic status with over 170 representatives of various divisions, state associations, committee members, APA staff and other groups.