Meet the new members of CSES

OSES is pleased to welcome the newest members of CSES: Laura Smith, PhD, Assistant Professor at the Teachers College of Columbia University; and Salvador Macías, III, PhD, Professor at University of South Carolina, Sumter

Laura Smith, PhDLaura Smith, PhD, (2011-2013) is an Assistant Professor of Psychology and Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. Dr. Smith received her PhD in Counseling Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1990. Her career goals have focused on contributing to the exploration of poverty and social class within psychological theory, research, and practice, and to the preparation of applied psychologists to effectively serve poor clients and communities. More specifically, Dr. Smith’s work explores the positioning of poverty and social class as sources of sociocultural marginalization, as dimensions of identity, and as considerations relevant to competent psychological practice. She brings qualitative, quantitative, and participatory paradigms to bear on these issues. In her participatory action research (PAR) collaborations, Dr. Smith and her research team partner with individuals who have traditionally been viewed as research subjects to create new knowledge about their circumstances, experiences, and needs. Furthermore, her work in PAR is intended to provide new perspectives on psychological services in marginalized social locations from the standpoint of those who know poverty intimately. Dr. Smith’s work appears in American Psychologist, The Counseling Psychologist, Journal of Poverty, Journal of Counseling and Development, and Journal of Counseling Psychology, to name a few. She is a member of APA Divisions 9, 17, 27, 35, and 45. 

Salvador Macias III, PhDSalvador Macías, III, PhD, (2011-2013) is a Professor of Psychology at University of South Carolina Sumter (a two-year branch campus of the USC system). Dr. Macías received his PhD in Developmental Psychology from Georgia State University in 1984. A significant proportion of his professional commitment has been dedicated to issues related to SES and educational access. Dr. Macías served as a former member of the Committee for the Equality of Professional Opportunity of the Southeastern Psychological Association. As a faculty member at USC Sumter he presented numerous papers that concern issues of attitudes and tolerance toward diversity and of racial and ethnic minority access to higher education. Currently, Dr. Macías is working to evaluate potential relationships between privilege, tolerance for diversity, and the impact of classroom activity on attitudes about diversity. Additionally, much of Dr. Macías' professional accomplishments concern classroom teaching and the role psychology has in the teaching of basic science concepts.

Drs. Smith and Macías joins the current committee members Martha E. Wadsworth, PhD (Chair); Irene López, PhD; Hector González, PhD, and Faye A. Reimers, PhD.

The Committee on Socioeconomic Status identifies and acts as a catalyst in the Association’s efforts to address issues of SES and promote appropriate attention to SES in psychological research and practice. In this regard, the Committee shall: (a) collect information and documentation concerning SES; (b) promote scientific understanding of the roles of poverty and SES in health, education, and human welfare; (c) develop approaches to the application of psychology that take into account the effects of SES on psychological development and well being; and (d) advocate for social policy that will alleviate or reduce the disparities between SES groups.