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OSES updates

The Office on Socioeconomic Status (OSES) has been working diligently toward the common goals established by the Task Force on Socioeconomic Status established in 2006.

Much of the work we have done in the past few months has involved the increasing use of social media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook, to launch campaigns on topics pertaining to SES, with the ultimate goal of educating and inspiring action amongst our members and colleagues.

World Poverty Day (October 17, 2011)

World Poverty Day was adopted by the United Nations in 1992, in an effort to “honor the victims of extreme poverty, violence, and hunger” and to “devote the day to presenting and promoting, as appropriate in the national context, concrete activities with regard to the eradication of poverty and destitution.” OSES recognized World Poverty Day by launching an educational Twitter campaign the 2 weeks leading up to October 17, highlighting some of the main concerns influencing poverty and health, both domestically and globally. Tweets covered topics ranging from maternal mortality, food scarcity, family homelessness in the United States, post-traumatic stress disorder and war, human trafficking and global LGBT issues. We look forward to recognizing World Poverty Day every year.

National Hunger and Homelessness Week (November 12-20, 2011)

Co-sponsored by the National Coalition for the Homeless and the Student Campaign Against Hunger & Homelessness, National Hunger & Homelessness Week is held annually in November as a way to bring greater awareness to the plight of food insecurity and homelessness. In addition to a week-long Twitter campaign, OSES hosted a brown bag luncheon with two guest speakers from the National Coalition of Homelessness’ Speaker Bureau. The speakers discussed personal experiences with being homeless in Washington, D.C. Staff then walked from the APA offices to the DC Central Kitchen to meet with their staff and to learn about their mission and work.

New! Fact sheets on homelessness

The OSES developed five new fact sheets from information outlined in the 2009 Presidential Task Force on Psychology’s Contribution to End Homelessness.

Upcoming events

2012 National Health Care for the Homeless Conference & Policy Symposium (May 16-18, 2012. Kansas City, Missouri)

After nearly three decades, Health Care for the Homeless and other providers from around the country will meet in Kansas City to participate in dozens of accredited workshops, professional networking opportunities, academic presentations, inspiring plenary sessions and informal social activities. This conference is designed by Health Care for the Homeless (HCH) professionals for HCH professionals, including clinicians and their support staff; administrators; board members; and consumers of HCH services. It will also be of value to others who provide health care and support services to homeless people, as well as government officials and advocates. The desired result for this conference is an increased understanding of the health care needs of homeless people and the health care services that should be provided to them.”

For more information or to register for the conference, visit the website

This is a great opportunity for APA members to learn more about and get involved in services to homeless and marginally-housed individuals. For fact sheets about homelessness and to read the 2009 report from the APA Presidential Task Force on Psychology’s Contribution to End Homelessness, please visit the webpage.