Looking ahead

Future editions of The SES Indicator will feature themes on food insecurity and women’s health

Seeking guest editors for The SES Indicator

The SES Indicator discusses current themes and policy implications concerning socioeconomic status. It is a forum to introduce and advance new ideas that coincide with the Office and Committee on Socioeconomic Status’ commitment to advance psychology’s contributions to the understanding and remediation of disparities in health and human welfare. The SES Indicator is seeking members who are interested in serving as guest editors for the future issues. With assistance and support from the OSES and the CSES, guest editors are encouraged to write original articles, within a range of 600-1000 words, about topics related to each issue’s focus.

Our next issue, in spring 2012, will feature articles about food insecurity, psychology and SES. The summer 2012 issue will feature articles about women’s health, stress and SES. If you are interested in serving as a guest editor or to send suggestions and comments, please contact Keyona King-Tsikata (email).

Seeking state association or division members to serve as CSES monitors

The Committee on Socioeconomic Status (CSES) would like to establish a collaborative relationship with your state association or division. CSES hopes to serve as a source of information and support on issues relating to SES in psychology so as to help strengthen the awareness of these important issues within your region. Thus, we invite your association or division to select members to serve as formal monitors to CSES for 2012. Monitors serve as important catalysts to identifying and communicating possible areas of collaboration between associations/divisions and CSES. Monitors will function primarily to alert their state association of CSES’ actions, programs and policies that might have implications for their association’s mission, priorities and responsibilities. Monitors will receive and review agendas, through an e-mail list, prior to CSES meetings and minutes following CSES meetings for review. A collaborative relationship between CSES and your association could be useful for promoting a greater understanding of SES in your state.