Meet the newest members of the Committee on SES

Read about our two newest committee members: Dr. Cynthia Hudley and Dr. Ruth Riding-Malon

The Office of Socioeconomic Status (OSES) is pleased to welcome Cynthia Hudley, PhD, and Ruth Riding-Malon, PhD, to the Committee on SES. Each new member will serve a three-year term, and on behalf of the OSES, we look forward to working with them. Read below for more information about Dr. Hudley and Dr. Riding-Malon.

Cynthia Hudley, PhD

Cynthia Hudley, PhDCynthia Hudley, PhD (2012-2014), is a professor at Gevirtz Graduate School of Education at the University of California at Santa Barbara, where she participates in two academic units; Child and Adolescent Development and Special Education, Disabilities and Risk Studies. Dr. Hudley received her PhD in educational psychology in 1991 from the University of California at Los Angeles, where she studied typical and atypical human development. Her primary area of research focuses on the influence of students’ social cognitions on their motivation to succeed academically. Currently she is examining education outcomes for low income, first generation and community college transfer students. Much of Hudley's scholarly activities have also been dedicated to understanding children's aggressive behaviors across samples of students that vary by social class, gender, ethnicity, age and region of residence to determine the generalizability of attribution theory to typically understudied populations. Her work has appeared in Journal of Educational Psychology, Psychology in the Schools, Developmental Psychology, Child Development, Journal of Early Adolescents, Applied and Preventive Psychology, and the Journal of Diversity in Higher Education, among others. 

Ruth Riding-Malon, PhD

Ruth Riding-Malon, PhDRuth Riding-Malon, PhD (2012-2014), earned her PhD in counseling psychology from the University of Kentucky in 2008. She completed her internship at Kentucky River Community Care and Appalachian Regional Healthcare Hospital in Hazard, Ky. She joined the Radford faculty in 2008. Prior to working at Radford University, she worked in a community mental health clinic in central Kentucky and served one year as assistant to the clinic director. She participated in research projects on AIDS prevention in high schools and on rape prevention on college campuses; she trained staff and student leaders in diversity issues and on effective sexual assault response, and worked with preservice teachers to increase awareness of multicultural issues. Dr. Riding-Malon is interested in rural mental health, women’s issues, trauma treatment and in working with disenfranchised populations. Her current research interests lie in studying issues particular to populations in rural areas, investigating the effectiveness of multicultural training, evaluating trauma treatments and examining the impact of spirituality in the lives of clients.