Letter from the director

CSES celebrates fifth anniversary, highlights the mission and vision of the committee

By Keyona King-Tsikata, MPH

The APA Committee and Office on Socioeconomic Status are thrilled to celebrate the anniversary of its fifth year! This occasion presents another opportunity to thank the many individuals that championed the creation of the Committee on Socioeconomic Status (CSES) and the corresponding office. Our strength comes from our network and members, and we are stronger for having you beside us, as we continue on this mission to ensure that issues of SES receive the full attention of the association.

The committee focuses on promoting psychologists' attention to the scientific understanding of the roles of SES and poverty in health, education, and human welfare. The committee also examines the impact of social class disparities and proposes strategies to reduce related inequalities. Research and practice has unveiled that racism and classism function similarly to create stratification and inequality within and between groups.

The Office on Socieoeconomic Status (OSES) is responsible for overseeing, facilitating and promoting psychology's contribution to the understanding of SES and the lives and well-being of the poor. As such, the office works to develop and facilitate relationships and activities to advance psychology as a major force in research, policy and advocacy related to SES. With five years under our belt, the resolve of the committee and office remain steadfast. We look to you as we continue our outreach, to advocate and educate for underserved populations.

In this issue of The SES Indicator, we turn our attention to the important role social support plays in providing care to individuals recovering from cancer. We feature a Q&A with a psychologist staff member of a Massachusetts-based non-profit organization, Facing Cancer Together, that serves the needs of a diverse community of individuals recovering from cancer. She details impact of APA’s SESRCD Behavioral & Social Science Volunteer (BSSV) program in furthering the organization’s work. 

We have dedicated space in this issue of The SES Indicator to summarizing our activities at the recent APA Annual Convention in Orlando, Fla. At our 2012 Network Meeting in Orlando, two psychologists and one Tallahassee-based non-profit organization were awarded the 2012 CSES Leadership Awards. This year’s convention was a great success, and we look forward to advancing our mission through a continuum of the activities highlighted this summer at convention! 

As we celebrate our successes, we want to use this fifth year anniversary as a vehicle to underscore the mission and vision of this committee. We invite you to share in this journey of progress. As always, you will find at the conclusion of this issue information on how you can become involved in the work of OSES and CSES, by either joining the SES Network email list or serving as a formal CSES monitor. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Keyona King-Tsikata
Director, Office on Socioeconomic Status