News from the Committee on Socioeconomic Status

The committee thanks board members Drs. González and Reimers for their service from 2010 through 2012

A fond farewell

The committee identifies and acts as a catalyst in the association's efforts to address issues of socioeconomic status (SES) and to promote appropriate attention to SES in psychological research and practice. In executing this charge, the committee prepares a call for nominations each year to identify candidates that are willing to serve in executing the mission of the committee.

In 2010, that call to serve was answered by Drs. González and Reimers. While their service term will end December 31, 2012, their contributions towards the understanding of SES and the well-being of the poor will continue.

Please join the Committee on Socioeconomic Status (CSES) and its office in thanking these leaders for their guidance, insight and support. The Committee on SES and the Public Interest Directorate wish to express their deepest gratitude for your extraordinary commitment, valuable knowledge and experience — and we honor your service in promoting psychology's contribution to the understanding of SES.

Hector González, PhD (term 2010-2012)

Dr. González is an assistant professor at Wayne State University. Gonzalez received his PhD in clinical psychology from Alliant International University in 1998. He has dedicated his career to improving the health and aging of older ethnic and racial minorities in the United States with a particular focus on African-Americans and Mexicans.

Gonzalez's current research focuses on epidemiology of late-life depression and ethnicity. The purpose of this research is to estimate the distribution of late-life depression and characterize depression subtypes among ethnic/racial groups in the United States. His other research also focuses on urban African-American aging. Additionally, much of Gonzalez's scholarly activities have been dedicated to understanding collective inequalities. His work has appeared in Neuropsychology, Journal of the American Geriatric Society, Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society and Journal of the American Geriatric Society, among others.

Faye Reimers, PhD (term 2010-2012)

Dr. Reimers received her PhD in counseling psychology from the Texas Women's University in 2006. Her work focuses on indigent probationers in need of psychological treatment through the Comprehensive Assessment and Treatment Services (CATS) department.

On the research side, Reimers' dissertation was focused on the exploration of the mental health and other needs of the most disenfranchised people in our society. Supporting the need to routinely include social class, race and gender into psychological research, she conducted a content analysis, which explored how often and in what ways these three variables were included in articles in the last 10 years (1996-2006) in the top two journals of counseling psychology. A recent proposal to develop a manuscript from her dissertation has been accepted by The Counseling Psychologist as part of a potential major contribution to that journal. In addition, Reimers was a member of the APA's 2006 Task Force for Resources for Inclusion of Social Class in Psychology.