Editor's column

This issue is the first of a series that will explore the impact of poverty on a wide range of populations.

For many, the spring and summer are identified as periods of respite, vacations, stay-cations, beaches, pools, barbeques and enjoying time with family and friends with the backdrop of sunny days and warm nights. 

However, the rising costs of economic inequality, places thousands at risk of depression, hunger, homelessness and stress. In the coming months, the SES Indicator will begin a series that explores the impact of poverty on a wide range of populations.  

In this issue, we interview an expert on children, youth and families, and how poverty can impact the short and long-term development of children and adults. We also showcase the Committee on Socioeconomic Status (CSES) featured convention programming, in addition to highlighting a Congressional briefing with U.S. Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro that will illustrate the discriminatory employment practices and the psychological impacts faced by the unemployed.

CSES is pleased to invite nominations for future service on the committee. CSES anticipates two membership vacancies and are seeking qualified candidates to serve three-year terms commencing January 2015. Nominations can originate from individuals, APA committees, boards and divisions, as well as self-nominations. Please forward nominations or questions to the central office, or via phone at (202) 216-7601.