Psychology professors who address social class in their courses contributed relevant syllabi and class units/sessions. Class policies and professor's contact information are not included in this report.

  • Poverty in the Midst of Plenty: Homelessness and What to Do About It (Beth Shinn)
  • Poverty and the Individual (Thomas Farmer)
  • The Psychology of Poverty (Bernice Lott)
  • Psychology of Socioeconomic Development (Negin Toosi)
  • Social Psychology of Poverty and Social Class (Heather Bullock)
Courses Including Unit on Social Class
  • Diverse Identities (Chuck Hill)
  • Social Justice and the Common Good (Laura Stivers)
  • Youth Development and Culture (Meera Rastogi)
  • Graduate
  • Equality and Inequality (Kevin Lanning and Christopher Strain)
  • Seminar in Social Psychology: Poverty (Bernice Lott)
Courses Including Unit on Social Class
  • Career Counseling (Matthew Diemer)
  • Social Psychological Perspectives on –Isms and Implications for Behavior (Jackie White)