Committee on Women in Psychology (CWP) Network

The Women in Psychology Network is a coalition that works in partnership with the APA Committee on Women in Psychology (CWP) to accomplish the goals of the Committee, which are to:

(a) Promote the health and well-being of all women

(b) Identify and eliminating discriminatory practices against women

(c) Increase the visibility of feminist scholarship and practice

(d) Promote the unique contributions of women to psychology

(e) Enhance women’s leadership within and outside of APA

(f) Collaborate with others as needed to achieve the empowerment of underrepresented groups

(g) Promote the generation and communication of knowledge about women’s lives

Network Functions As a Coalition:

The Network serves as a coalition of women's committees within psychology, including representatives from divisions, state, and regional associations without formally-organized committees on women.  This mechanism allows representatives to share issues, strategies, questions, concerns, and so forth.

The 150 individuals in the Network include representatives from divisions, state associations, ethnic minority psychological associations, regional psychological associations, and other groups within organized psychology, as well as former Committee on Women in Psychology (CWP) members.  CWP sees its partnership with the Network as critical to the committee's core mission to coordinate APA's efforts to ensure equal opportunity for women psychologists as practitioners, educators, and scientists.  

Network Input is Critical:

CWP looks to the Network for ongoing monitoring of issues that relate to women in all areas within psychology and asks Network representatives to bring these issues and concerns to the attention of CWP.  CWP also asks Network representatives to take questions and issues back to their groups, as appropriate, and to report on activities of their committees or groups.

The annual meeting at the APA convention is an important mechanism for the sharing of this information.  CWP also encourages Network representatives to use the CWP-Net listserve to share questions, suggestions, and strategies with each other.

CWP's Commitment:

CWP is committed to keeping the Network 1) informed of its work, 2) responding to initiatives that network members raise, 3) soliciting input on issues that come before the committee, and 4) providing information and opportunities for Network members to become more active in APA governance.

CWP encourages a vigorous, active, and mutually productive exchange of information.  

Overview of Responsibilities:

Responsibilities of Network Members:

  • Initiate issues and share information with CWP, especially on the listserv provided by APA, and at the annual Network meeting;

  • Respond to inquiries (for example, requests for nominations, questions about relevant local/division activities) from CWP as requested;

  • Contact president of division/state/regional association annually to determine continued service as Network representative or appointment of another representative.  Inform APA’s Women’s Program Office of continued service or appointment of new representative; and

  • Attend Network meeting at APA Annual Convention (or send a representative).

  • Network Members are encouraged to attend meetings of the Committee on Women in Psychology at the APA Consolidated Committee Meetings, at their own expense.

  • Respond to requests to call or write legislators related to policy issues

Responsibilities of CWP vis-à-vis the Network:

  • Coordinate APA’s efforts to ensure equal opportunity for women psychologists as practitioners, educators, and scientists;

  • Keep the Network appraised of CWP activities by sending minutes or meeting summaries to each Network member following CWP meetings, current issues, and decisions;

  • Actively solicit Network input on issues related to women in APA;

  • Provide consultation and/or input on division/association initiatives on behalf of women, or that promote feminist scholarship and practice;

  • Provide information and opportunities for Network members to become more active in APA governance.