Past LIWP Events

The Leadership Institute for Women in Psychology Year Two Follow-Up – March 18, 2010

The Leadership Institute for Women in Psychology Year Two Follow-Up - March 18, 2010

From left to right: Drs. Henderson Daniel, Chris MacDonald, Mary Casey Jacob, Jeannie Sperry, Lula Beatty, Shari Miles-Cohen, Ruth Fassinger and Carmen Poulin. Drs. Karen Wyche, Helen Coons, Diane Zelman, and Susan Marcus-Mendoza.

On March 18th, at APA Headquarters, faculty and members of the Year Two Class of the Leadership Institute for Women in Psychology (LIWP) participated in a full-day follow-on workshop to continue their work on the path to future leadership positions. The program agenda (PDF, 136.96KB) included modules on managing fiscal resources, navigating personnel challenges, and individual coaching on a specific challenge selected by each participant.

The LIWP Planning Committee reviewed applications for the Class of 2010 and launched a day-long program on August 10, 2010 in San Diego, CA just prior to the APA Convention.

The Leadership Institute for Women in Psychology Year Two Commenced in Earnest – August 4, 2009

With a day-long workshop held in Toronto, Canada just prior to the APA Convention, the goal of this leadership program was to prepare, support and empower women psychologists as leaders to promote positive changes in institutional and organizational life and increase the diversity, number, and effectiveness of women psychologists as leaders.  One of the primary priorities of the Institute is to ensure that leadership training opportunities are available for mid-career and senior women psychologists in all of their diversities, including race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, and disability.

The Year Two Class includes women psychologists who work in academic and academic medical settings throughout the United States and also in Canada. Participants of the Year 2 Class included Drs. Linda Castillo, Christine MacDonald, Linda Flores, Susan Marcus-Mendoza,Yolanda Garcia, Carmen Poulin, Yo Jackson, Diane Spangler, Sue Jacobs, Pamela Scott-Johnson, Marguerita Lightfoot, Jeannie Sperry and Diane Zelman.

The Year Two workshop consisted of interactive modules on Leadership models, career goal-setting and planning, negotiation skills, mentoring networks and work-life integration.  Bimonthly Webinars, during which noted psychologists will present on issues regarding leadership scholarship and research, education and development, will follow the August 4th meeting. WPO staff will host these Webinars. In addition, participants are encouraged to meet via telephone in small groups and as needed with LIWP faculty to discuss issues they are currently facing. The second year Institute includes an in-person follow-up meeting to be held in March 2010.