We Remember George W. Albee, PhD (1921-2006)

It was August 2004, during the APA Convention in Honolulu when Dr. Albee or "George" as he chose to be called, walked into the Council of Representatives meeting carrying high above his head a sign that read “Affirmative Action.” He along with the other members of the Committee on Women in Psychology were re-enacting the historic "Storming of Council" in recognition of committee’s 30th anniversary. But proud past member of the Committee on Women in Psychology, 1970 APA President, and Emeritus professor of psychology at the University of Vermont were just a few of the many titles and accomplishments of clinical psychologist, George Albee.

Dr. Albee was a believer in the prevention of mental illness and a staunch fighter against societal ills such as poverty, racism, sexism, ageism, and child abuse. Fighting inequality and injustice for women was just a piece of what made him great.

We will miss George W. Albee, PhD, CWP class of 1981-83.