Partner Violence: What Can You Do?


Until the mid-1970's, no one talked much about abuse between adult partners. We were taught to think that criminal violence occurred on the streets or in bars. Home was thought to be a safe place.

Now we know that violence in the home is very frequent. More than 4 million American women a year are physically attacked by their male partners; violence can also happen in same sex relationships, and some men are beaten in heterosexual relationships, although what is most common is that women are battered by men. Some of these assaults are severe. From 1990 through 1994 the deaths of nearly 11,000 people age 18 and over resulted from one partner killing another, with women almost twice as likely to be victims of such fatal partner violence as men. Violence between partners happens in all groups in society. No group is immune. If your intimate partner has beaten you, you are not alone.

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