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APA Weighs in on Women’s Health in Health Care Reform

APA's efforts to include psychology, and mental and behavioral health in the discussions regarding health care reform.

By Krysta Jones

APA is taking an active role in including psychology, and mental and behavioral health, in the health care reform discussion.  APA has created several principles to lead our efforts to support health care reform including ensuring access to quality mental and behavioral health promotion, screening and referral, prevention, early intervention, and wellness services for persons across the lifespan, with particular attention to at-risk populations, and ensuring that quality mental and behavioral health care and access to psychologist providers are included in benefit plans for persons across the lifespan.  APA meets regularly with congressional staff and other key women’s groups to ensure psychology and women’s mental and behavioral health are included in health care reform.

APA recently joined dozens of organizations committed to women's health in supporting a successful amendment by Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) that would make preventive health care more accessible and affordable for women.  The legislation would urge the Health Resources and Services Administration to address the unique preventive health needs of women.