National Mental Health Month

Everyday, Americans seek help in responding to the multitude of stresses, challenges and demands of their lives. National Mental Health Month seeks to expand their awareness and help them cope better to improve their well-being.

May 1st kicked off National Mental Health Month (NMHM) continuing the long-standing tradition of encouraging awareness of mental and emotional health. Originally created in April 1949, National Mental Health Week was observed to focus public attention on mental health concerns. In the late 1960’s Mental Health Week expanded to a month-long effort to increase the public’s understanding of mental health issues. During May, the National Mental Health Association or Mental Health America (MHA) takes time to promote health and wellness in homes, communities, and schools. This year’s theme, “Live Your Life Well”, seeks to increase the number of people who take action to protect their mental health in times of great personal challenge and also in the face of ongoing stress. One of the ways APA’s Public Interest Directorate observes NMHM is by collaborating with APA task forces, association partners, and federal agencies to raise the profile of psychology and mental health at the federal level, including supporting Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day. Through May 31st, APA will offer help to people seeking psychological services by answering questions in weekly interviews and video presentations.

National Women’s Health Week is celebrated during NMHM, beginning annually on Mother’s Day and includes National Women’s Checkup Day.

For more information on activities APA takes part in this month, visit the webpage.

To learn more about NMHA and the “Live Your Life Well” campaign, visit the website.