Postpartum Depression (PPD)

Trans-creation of the WPO’s PPD brochure | JAMA article finds new fathers experience PPD too

APA continues to work to bring attention to the fight against Postpartum Depression (See Psych-E, May 2010).WPO has disseminated over 4,000 PPD consumer brochures and is engaged in a project to trans-create the consumer brochure (currently available in English only) into other languages.

In recognition of Father’s Day, June 2010, WPO highlights a recent article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Paulson and Bazemore (2010) reviewed 43 studies involving more than 28,000 individuals.  Their analysis suggests that of the men studied, approximately 10% experienced prenatal and postpartum depression, with the highest percentage evident 3- to 6-months postpartum.

National Men’s Health Week is observed annually after Father’s Day. This year, Men’s Health week takes place June 14-20, 2010.

Paulson, J.F. & Bazemore, S.D. (2010) Prenatal and postpartum depression in fathers and its association with maternal depression.  Journal of the American medical Association, 303, 1961-1969.