The intersection of violence and reproductive justice

Violence against women is a costly and pervasive problem, and women of reproductive age are at greatest risk

On Wednesday, October 27th the George Washington Law Feminist Forum, Law Students for Reproductive Justice, and the DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence hosted, “The Intersection of Domestic Violence and Reproductive Justice” in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM).  Panelists Lisa Keels, JD (O’Neil Institute for National and Global Health Law), Jessi Leigh Swenson, JD (Rebecca Project for Human Rights), and Jill Morrison, JD (National Women’s Law Center) discussed the harmful effects of abuse during pregnancy, and the ways in which violence limits women’s ability to manage their reproductive health and exposes them to sexually transmitted diseases.  Jill Morrison, JD noted being pregnant heightens a woman’s chance of being abused; having a child makes it more difficult for a woman to escape her abuser. Panelists also highlighted the importance of addressing socioeconomic issues, substance abuse issues, and access to healthcare and contraceptives when discussing intimate partner violence.

For more information, please visit the DC Coalition on Domestic Violence website.