Announcements from the Women’s Programs Office

New staff member, a NAAC Hope Fellow, a photography exhibit and briefings on the wage gap, domestic violence and human trafficking

WPO welcomes Ms. Gloria Mejia

Ms. Gloria Mejia joined APA in August as the Women’s Program Office intern. She is a third-year undergraduate student attending the University of California, Merced enrolled in the University of California District of Columbia program for fall 2011. Gloria is a psychology major with a deep interest in behavioral and forensic psychology. Her personal goal is to earn a PhD degree in hopes of reaching her successful career path. She has expanded her professional experience through many areas of achieving community service, but more so by exploring psychology through APA.

WPO Hosts Hope Fellow

Ms. Blerta Sulhasi and Ms. Adelina Nura joined Inequity to Equity Conference Planning Committee Member, Dr. Karen Wyche, and conference staff for lunch in celebration of the well-received conference. From left to right: Ms. Blerta Sulhasi, Ms. Adelina Nura, Ms. Gloria Mejia, Mr. Wesley Baker, Ms. Kari Hill, Ms. Patty DiSandro, Ms. Tanya Burrwell, Dr. Karen Wyche, and Dr. Shari Miles-CohenOn November 10-11, 2011, the Women’s Programs Office hosted Ms. Blerta Sulhasi, a National Albanian American Council (NAAC) Hope Fellow, in her visit to American Psychological Association. The NAAC Hope Fellowship Program brings women leaders from Kosovo, Balkans to the United States for a period of six weeks for leadership trainings, presentations, and U.S. professional interactions related to their particular sector of Kosovo society.  In addition to sharing with Ms. Sulhasi information about WPO projects and discussing the status of women psychologists in the U.S., WPO staff arranged meetings with members of APA staff in different directorates of the organization including Education, Public Interest, Public and Member Communications, Practice, and the Executive Office. Her colleague, Ms. Adelina Nura visited with the WPO on Thursday, November 11. Ms. Sulhasi, a high school psychology teacher from Kosovo, hopes to start a national psychological association in her homeland. We wish her the best luck with her endeavors.

Photography Exhibit at the Embassy of Finland

WPO Program Assistant, Ms. Kari Hill, recently met photographer and art and social educator, Miina Savolainen, at the Embassy of Finland in downtown Washington, DC. Ms. Savolainen’s exhibit The Loveliest Girl in the World tells a story about “the right of everyone to be unique and special”. The art book is based on a decade-lasting project undertaken by Ms. Savloainen and ten girls from a children’s home in Finland. Where the APA Task Force Report on the Sexualization of Girls aims to empower girls and their parents to question messages in the media, Ms. Savolainen uses visual art to empower girls to believe in their right to be unique and special.

Maailman ihanin tyttö


The WPO has provided a list of briefings attended by Staff during the months of August through November. A link to the agenda or website is provided if available.

  1. Congressional Briefing on Women and the Arab Spring, Ms. Gloria Mejia

  2. White House Women’s Briefing Series–Women and the Economy, Ms. Kari Hill 

  3. The Wage Gap (PDF, 109KB), Ms. Gloria Mejia. Sponsored by Women’s Policy Inc. 

  4. Roundtable on Women & the Economy, Ms. Kari Hill & Gloria Mejia. Sponsored by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR). 

  5. Addressing Violence Against Women, Ms. Gloria Mejia. Sponsored by the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) 

  6. Breaking the Shackles: A Forum on Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking, Ms. Tanya Burrwell. Sponsored by Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Rho Mu Omega Chapter 

  7. The Fight Against International Human Trafficking: How Evaluation Research Can Help, Ms. Tanya Burrwell. Sponsored by the Urban Institute

Changes to the Women’s Psych-E Newsletter

With this issue, Psych-E begins a quarterly release schedule. If you would like to announce calls for papers or upcoming conferences, or if you would like to receive Psych-E directly, please send an email to the editor, Ms. Kari Hill.